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Forestry Research

Teagasc provides independent forestry research, advisory and training services to private forest owners in Ireland.

Our research covers many aspects of the life cycle of a forest from seedling to sawdust.

The tree improvement programme focuses on breeding for resistance to ash dieback disease and the development of improved alder and birch for the afforestation programme.

To ensure correct species choice, research focuses on identifying the right tree for the right site using various tools such as site classification, land use analysis, economic modelling and socio-economic research. This informs forest policy.

To assist in management, our research programme also focuses on the management of broadleaves and conifers which aims to assist in the development of best practice in farm forests and promotes the use of tending, thinning and crop management to maximise timber utilisation.

Research is carried out in Teagasc research centres in state-of-the-art laboratories and growing facilities and on privately owned farm forests throughout Ireland.

We strive to deliver science-based innovation, significantly benefiting our advisory and training services. It allows for rapid and effective knowledge transfer. 

Overview of Teagasc forestry research projects:

Tree Breeding / Genetics

Current research projects

  • Ash resistance to ash dieback - Development of ash tree genetic resources with resistance to ash dieback (Chalara) and breeding technologies 
  • Improving ash and sycamore - Improving the genetic quality of hardwood trees for farmers, specifically ash and sycamore
  • Provenance selection in Sitka spruce, Oak and Beech

Past research projects

Silviculture / Management

Current research projects

Past research projects

Markets / Economics

Current research projects

Past research projects


  • Contact the relevant Forestry Research Staff for further information.